Caught here by surprise, Olie is notorious for sneaking into gardens just before dawn to gather the best fruits and vegetables for himself. He will also steal your most fragrant and beautiful flowers.

Though he can be a nuisance the villagers tend to overlook his thieving as they believe that in the end  he will bring them good fortune.

6 1/2" W X 21" H

Price Upon Request



This is modeled after Inuit carvings and named for their creator god. It features a glaze developed by the artist from the native soil of the Arizona desert known as caliche.

9" W X 10 1/2" H X 14"D

Price Upon Request


Banji is an aged shaman. His wisdom is much sought after by peoples far and wide. His kind and gentle nature encourages even the most humble of souls to come to him for his insights.

This is a collaborative piece by  Kirk Reynolds and weaver Bob Gleason.

21" W X 22" H


In the collection of Terry P.


Kirk's Ceramics

Pongo-6 X 13 .jpg

Atkuwa Nuti
(aht-koo-wah noong-tee)

13 diam
    Not For Sale

Goofy Head.jpg


Pongo is a prankster. He is often ostracized by his fellow villagers but his warm personality and humor always wins them over in the end. Pongo is also fond of music and loves to dance.

This is a collaborative piece by Kirk Reynolds and weaver Bob Gleason.

6" W X 13" H

Price Upon Request

Moonhead-13 diam.jpg

12x 16 x 6
Price Upon Request

Delos the Aegean Sage.jpg

The Aegean Sage
11 x 12 x 9
Price Upon Request