Kirk and Lori enjoy collaborating on creations. Kirk more the sculpture and potter, and Lori with a love of collage, together create rustic 2-dimensional sculptural pieces made of an assortment of found objects, pottery pieces, weathered wood, beads, and other sundry of items. The pieces they create are unconsciously inspired by the Southwest, with some evoking feelings of unearthed ceremonial or tribal relics.

                                                                                                                                           Prices provided upon request.

Badge of the Boing Master
14.5 x 9

Fangorn's Heart-819.jpg
Hyakutake Forseen-819_8X18

Fangorn's Heart
10 x 19

Shamanic Relic-819.jpg

Shamanic Relic
34 x 16
In the collection of Fred  Kaiser

Hyakutake Foreseen
7.5 x 18

Swirly Terminations

Swirly Terminations
18 x 15

Divine Succession
A Brief History of the Village-819.jpg

A Brief History of the Village
10 x 26

Night of Three Moons-819.jpg

Divine Succession
8 x 15

Night of the Three Moons
15 x 9

Forbidden Knowledge

Forbidden Knowledge
22 x 7

Medal of Honor-819.jpg

Medal of Honor
16 x 27


14 x 13

The Sidereal Engine-819.jpg

The Sidereal Engine
9 x 28

Proclamation 7-5 x 15.jpg

7.5 x 15


The First Message of Hermes
9 x 12

Shrine of the Dragon Stone
8 x 17

The Oracle's Window.jpg

The Oracle's Window
17 x 15

Long piece.jpg

Shoreline Narrative
12 x 30

Royal Decree

Royal Decree
12 x 18.5

The Mysteries of Mesa Negro-819.jpg

Mysteries of Mesa Negro
24 x8
In the collection of Fred  Kaiser

Coat of Arms-819.jpg

Coat of Arms
11 x 12

sonoran mechanism-b.jpg

Sonoran Mechanism
7.5 x 15
In the collection of Terry P.


Temporal Anomaly
5 X 14

First Contact 25 X 30.jpg

First Contact
25 x 30

8 x 16


Homage To Dad.jpg

A Millwright's Tale
11 1/2  x 11 1/2


woven head.jpg

18 x 18