A husband-and-wife collaborative creating art. Kirk, with a fine art degree in photography and Lori, with a degree in art, met in one of their art classes in college and married within a year. While creativity is at the center of who they are, marrying and plans for a family led them down the path of traditional professions and away from a focus on creativity. Pursuing traditional career paths, Kirk spent many years in television and web development, and Lori became an occupational therapist, latter achieving a PhD in Gerontology and teaching occupational therapy. 

Now years latter, Kirk and Lori are rekindling their creative spirits. Now with Lori having a slower pace of work, she and Kirk intentionally chose to move to a community that supports their creativity. Living in a small community in southern Arizona, in a home with space to create, surrounded by nature, Kirk and Lori are now focusing on their creativity.





I grew up in southwest Louisiana. Born into a creative family, my mother a high school art teacher, father a high school choral teacher and choral director at their church, and my sister a talented musician and visual artist. I attended Louisiana Tech University where I received a BFA in Photography and  sculpture. I nurtured my love of music as a disc jockey on the campus radio station. My medium of choice way back then was metal, making large steel sculptures. While I  mainly worked in steel, I really enjoyed the process of casting bronze and aluminum too. 

After graduation from college I became a DJ at an FM station in Lake Charles, LA. I decided to pick up a little more art experience, so I attended McNeese State University where I studied painting and ceramics. I met Lori in a painting class and was smitten. We were quickly engaged and married within the same year.

I spent much of my adult life working traditionally to help support my wife, and daughter Amber who is now an avid photographer. I worked for several years in television, which in part fulfilled my creativity. In Houston, Texas I worked as an award-winning producer/director for Houston public television (PBS). A few years later I went on to work in computer-based multi-media, computer-based training, and web development. Over the years I intermittently made time for creativity, doing steel sculptures, black and white photography, woodworking, and later digital photography producing high contrast black and white images.

Along with a move to Arizona, I retired in 2012 to focus on art. I attended Arizona State University for a couple of semesters studying hand-built ceramics. In 2020, my wife and I moved to small community in southern Arizona, which supports my creativity and love for music. I enjoy making hand-built ceramics and sculptural pieces. Many of my two dimensional ceramic pieces become part of the collaborative pieces that Lori and I create. My love of music is now being nurtured as a DJ for the local volunteer radio station. 








I was born in a small southern town in Louisiana. My father was a talented woodworker making custom doors, staircases, cabinets, and furniture. I would often watch my father in his workshop building functional pieces and sometimes gifts for others. Possibly influenced by my father’s creativity, I went to college and earned a bachelor’s degree in art. Similar to Kirk, I spent much of my adult life pursuing responsible careers, only intermittently cultivating my creativity, until recently.

My creative pursuits have always been small-format collages. I am fascinated with the process of bringing together handmade papers, assorted objects, and found items all with their own stories, and assembling them into an image reflective of past and present.